Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Roaring Twenties
As many of you know, The Great Gatsby is coming out in theaters and is expected to be a success. In light of the release I thought it would be fun to do a post on the fashion of the 1920's. I have been very inspired and interested in the 1920's lately and find it to be an amazing time for fashion, music, and fun.
The twenties were a time of prosperity in America and people wanted to have fun! When some people think of the twenties they imagine that classic flapper with the frills and the headband, but obviously not everyone wore that everyday. The picture above shows what a woman might wear during the day (top) and at a night club (bottom two). Women had just gotten the right to vote, a huge step in woman's rights and they did not want to look like their more Conservative roles back in the previous years so the dresses got shorter, they cut their hair short, and were not afraid to show some chest.
I see the twenties as the greatest contributing period in fashion. Today's fashion might not even be the same if it weren't for the twenties. Before the 1920's women would wear corsets to try to show off their curves but now they wanted a straight figure with no curves. I personally love the no breast look. Unlike today a woman could get a man by not showing their breast.

This picture above is from the musical Chicago! It is my second favorite musical (first being Cabaret). The fashion is amazing. This shows a more stereotypical version of the 20's. They are preforming a show during the dry years of Prohibition in the jazz city of Chicago. I highly recommend this musical if you love the 1920's, dark musicals, and all that jazz.
This last picture is one of Fanny Brice, a big name in the 1920's for her singing style. She is wearing a more dinner party dress with a low neckline and asymmetrical mermaid tail dress. This dress is just precious and unlike most 1920's dresses would look good on most people! I hope if you go see The Great Gatsby, you will dress up in proper 1920's attire.

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