Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Queen Of Fashion


My absolute favorite show is Sex And The City, but I think the title should have been called Sex, Fashion And The City! All of the characters in the show dressed with a certain flare, but the leading lady, Carrie Bradshaw (played by the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker) had the most unique and amazing fashion. This post is in dedication to her and all of her fashion, good or bad. These are just a few of my favorites. Expect more to come.

Some of the best fashion, in my opinion, was in the Fourth Season. The next few pictures are all from the fourth season of the show. The first dress, by Dolce And Gabbana, was worn in the episode "The Real Me" as she was trying on the dress for a fashion show she was in. Though Heidi Klum (a guest star) got the dress in the real fashion show, I just LOVE it. Dolce And Gabbana never stop amazing me with pieces like this. The silhouette of the dress is impeccable and the pattern, beautiful.

This is another outfit from the fourth season. This shows what a "run around town" outfit is to her. It also gives a perfect example of Carrie trying new things (The Gucci Fanny Pack). I don't know why I love this outfit so much. Its nothing special, but still so pin perfect.

This dress (although not totally visible with the coat covering it) would probably make my top 3 favorite Carrie outfits. It is a gorgeous Prada dress she wears in the Fourth Season Premiere, going to her 35th Birthday party. It is a blood orange top with a waisted skirt that shows a little bit of tummy. It is just amazing. If you watch any episode (I advise you to watch ALL of them) watch this one.

If Carrie could only do one thing perfect, it would be accessorising. She always has the best shoes, necklaces and hair pieces. I love the whole over the top pearl necklace, so her. If you look closely you can see her engagement ring that Aidan gave her that she wears as a necklace so it can be "Closer to [her] heart". Her hair is the cherry on top of an amazing look.

Some of the best fashion Carrie had was when she went to Paris with the Russian                    
(Alexander Petrovski). She wore gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress. The Three here are my top favorite from the trip. The first one (top right) is so pretty. I am a sucker for a big dress and might I say, this is a BIG dress. There were so many layers to this dress. So pretty. The next dress (top left) is so amazing. The whole dress together with the fur muff is so cute! Very French of her. The last (left) is my favorite of the three dresses. I love polka dots and watermelon colors so... I also love the coat. I have nothing else to say but beautiful.

Extra! Carrie Bradshaw's wedding was the best of the best! I loved her wedding dress to death and I love how the bridesmaid's dresses were all different colors. So Carrie. Each dress is amazingly pretty and fab. I still cry every time when Mr. Big doesn't show up to the wedding.

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  1. Ahh...I loved her Paris outfits!!! So glad they always play reruns on E! network so I can continue to get inspiration!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. I love Carrie's sense of fashion really c: