Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Björk: Fashion's First Musical Wild Child

Björk became famous when her band "The SugarCubes" released "Birthday" and became internationally famous.  After a few albums with them, she debuted as a solo artist with her album "Debut". Since then Björk has had 7 studios albums and countless outfits. Good or bad you have to admit she is very fashion forward. 
This first look is a gown Björk wore for her Vespertine tour. Personally I think she looks great. The skirt is made of some kind of feather and the top is plated. The dress moves very interestingly because of the fullness of the skirt. I just love this. I am very fond of big skirts and dresses.

This is probably her most famous look. She wore this to the 2001 Academy Awards. She was nominated for best original song, "I've Seen it All" from her movie "Dancer in the Dark" and soundtrack "Selmasongs". This swan dress was designed by Marjan Pejoski. Most people criticized her for wearing this but I LOVE it. It is original and cute and avant-garde. Her response to the mass negativity was "It's just a dress...very romantic...swans seem to sort of stand for a lot of things [for me]." It is just great, I love it. 

This dress just amazes me. It's not my favorite but it is just cool. The origami skirt looks beautiful and very Björk. It shows her passion for the whimsical side of fashion. I also love the sleeves. Cute and feminine. But the skirt is the best part.

This is the cover of her Homogenic album. This dress was made for her by the late Alexander McQueen. She was McQueen's muse before Lady Gaga came around. The dress is just beautiful. The kimono style fits her very well and the dress if a reflection of the album itself. She has said that in the dress, she could not move in the dress easily. The album is about an introvert warrior. who "fights with love" She will put herself out there for fashion. 

For the last look, I chose this dress because it shows Björk's quirky fashion style. I love,love,love this dress. the underarm wings are just amazing. The dress just fits her. It moves well, it photographs well, it just is great. She wears the dress on her Homogenic tour. I love the wings. I don't know it just is great. 

Björk plays with fashion, some times it works out, some times it doesn't. I chose these looks because I thought that they showed the fun side of fashion and her way of keeping true to herself through fashion. 


  1. What a great selection of dresses and looks! The first one is actually from Alexander McQueen. The skirt is made of painted ostrich feathers and the top is made of painted medical slides. (:

  2. That pink origami dress is looovely!